Prayer camps are usually took into the category of faith-based healers. Quite time is a time dedicated to one on one time with God and his is meant to help us as Christians grow in our relationship with God. We opened our door to welcome everyone who wants to spend a good time with God

The provision of our helicopter program helps in order to support the Christian mission community to reach the give a humanitarian service  when accidents occurs  such as famine, flooding  and other environmental hazards and also to provide noncommercial helicopter program for government administration and others in need.

  • Flew many missionaries to the most unreached areas
  • Help many in the most remote area to flew to hospital and other places
  • Rescue many by the help of our helicopter
  • Supply food and medicine
  • Fly medical teams to save the lives of many
  • Vaccinate peoples and teach them health issues
  • Flew many government officials to different places